ProWomen's Health

Professional Basketball Players

EYL launch a new project for Professional Women Basketball players, to improve their health, optimize their performance and helping in an effective injury prevention.

ProWomen's Health is an 8 months follow-up and monitoring health program, that make it easy to follow the objective evolution and performance of the player throughout the season, to act in the early detection of fatigue, reducing the appearance of overloads and the risk of injuries.

Basketball exposes players to frequent high intensity movements including sprinting, jumping, accelerations, decelerations and changes of direction during training and competition which can lead to acute and accumulated chronic fatigue.  Quantify workload and subsequent fatigue in basketball players in order to monitor and manage fatigue levels may be beneficial in maintaining high levels of performance and preventing unfavorable physical and physiological training adaptations. 

More and more clinical evidence determines that circadian and nutritional factors, menstrual cycle, sleep duration and sleep quality or stress management, for example, influences different aspects of athletic performance.  Our integrative healthcare program analyzes lifestyle habits of professional women basketball players and adapt the biofeedback recommendations to improve their health and performance.